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This work was partially supported by the Portuguese Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia through PDTC, namely via:

  • Project grant PTDC/BBB-BIO/4004/2014: "Deciphering the mechanisms of transcriptional regulation that control antifungal drug resistance in the pathogenic yeast Candida glabrata: aiming the development of improved diagnosis and therapeutic approaches".
  • National funds through Programa Operacional Regional de Lisboa 2020, LISBOA-01-0145-FEDER-022231 – the Research Infrastructure.

The PathoYeastract database was constructed based on the YEASTRACT database (
All past and present colleagues and collaborators of the YEASTRACT project are deeply acknowledged.

The information about Candida genes other than documented regulations, potential regulations and the TF binding sites contained in PathoYeastract are gathered from; Candida Genome Database (CGD), Gene Ontology (GO) Consortium and YEASTRACT. We acknowledge these three platforms for making that information available to the public in easily downloadable files.

We are additionally grateful to colleagues and friends from the pathogenic yeast community for their encouragement and suggestions.

Candida Genome Database references:

  • Arnaud MB, Inglis DO, Skrzypek MS, Binkley J, Shah P, Wymore F, Binkley G, Miyasato SR, Simison M, and Sherlock G. Candida Genome Database
  • Inglis DO, Arnaud MB, Binkley J, Shah P, Skrzypek MS, Wymore F, Binkley G, Miyasato SR, Simison M, Sherlock G. (2012) The Candida genome database incorporates multiple Candida species: multispecies search and analysis tools with curated gene and protein information for Candida albicans and Candida glabrata
    Nucleic Acids Res., 40(Database issue):D667-D674

Gene Ontology references:

  • The Gene Ontology Consortium (2000) Gene Ontology: tool for the unification of biology
    Nature Genet., 25: 25-29
  • The Gene Ontology Consortium (2015) Gene Ontology Consortium: going forward
    Nucleic Acids Res., 43(Database issue): D1049-D1056

YEASTRACT references:

  • Please consult the reference list here.

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