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How to cite PathoYeastract


If you use PathoYeastract, please cite:
  • M.C. Teixeira, R. Viana, M. Palma, J. Oliveira, M. Galocha, M.N. Mota, D. Couceiro, M.G. Pereira, M. Antunes, I.V. Costa, P. Pais, C. Parada, C. Chaouiya, I. SáCorreira, P.T. Monteiro (2023)
    YEASTRACT+: a portal for the exploitation of global transcription regulation and metabolic model data in yeast biotechnology and pathogenesis
    Nucleic Acids Research, advance access

Previous PathoYeastract publications:
  • P.T. Monteiro, J. Oliveira, P. Pais, M. Antunes, M. Palma, M. Cavalheiro, M. Galocha, C.P. Godinho, L.C. Martins, N. Bourbon, M.N. Mota, R.A. Ribeiro, R.Viana, I. Sá-Correia, M.C. Teixeira (2020)
    YEASTRACT+: a portal for cross-species comparative genomics of transcription regulation in yeasts
    Nucleic Acids Research, 48(D1):D642-D649
  • P.T. Monteiro, P. Pais, C. Costa, S. Manna, I. Sá-Correia, M.C. Teixeira (2017)
    The PathoYeastract database: an information system for the analysis of gene and genomic transcription regulation in pathogenic yeasts
    Nucleic Acids Research, 45(D1): D597-D603
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